Hier meine Kulturseite mit meinen bescheidenen Beiträgen zum kulturellen Leben.
Have a look on my culture gallery, where I humbly contribute (or formerly contributed) to cultural live.
Voici ma page culture, avec mes humbles contributions à la vie culturelle.

Humoristische Spielregeln Doppelkopf

Hier als pdf, unsere humoristischen Spielregeln Doppelkopf aus meiner Zeit in Karlsruhe 1999 und 2004.
Humorous playing rules for the Doppelkopf card game. (In German language, only.)
Les règles du jeux de cartes Doppelkopf, dans une manière humoristique. (En Allemend, seulement.)

Up To Date Big Band Karlsruhe

The Up To Date Big Band Karlsruhe is one of the best amateur big band in southern Germany. Currently, I enjoy to play 2nd trumpet in this wonderful band.

SBO Mercedes-Benz Werk Wörth

SBO – Sinfonische Blasorchester Mercedes-Benz Werk Wörth, an excellent sinfonic wind orchestra where I play trumpet or flugelhorn.

JG Musicals

JG Musicals in Kandel, Germany. What a great team of amateurs performing high-quality musicals. Had a lot of fun when playing in the backing music band of the comedy "Wenn ich du wär, wär ich lieber ich." (If I were you, I'd rather be me.)

Musikverein Rammersweier

I am still connected to the Musikverein Rammersweier, the wind orchestra of Rammersweier, the beautiful village where I was born. I played flugelhorn there for about 20 years and if time permits I still support playing french horn.

STB Big Band Sindelfingen

STB big band Sindelfingen where I loved to play when I lived in Stuttgart and where I still try to visit the concerts.

Stadtkapelle Kandel

Stadtkapelle Kandel, the city of Kandel wind orchestra – having a great team spirit. I played trumpet and flugelhorn in this orchestra until 2018.

Winzergenossenschaft Rammersweier

Wine is a part of culture, isn’t it? As my father was a winemaker, my favorite wines come from the Rammersweier cooperative association, the Winzergenossenschaft Rammersweier.